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Trump is an organization made of villains that organizes and collaborates their efforts under a single goal, to control the superhuman influx.

Trump was originally established by Lex Luthor and the Joker after the new influx of superhumans was created. The new villains created an vacuum of power, while the new heroes created added nuisances. While Joker originally liked the madness this vacuum created, he quickly came to see it as an issue when he found that many of the villains were after Batman, exclaiming "No one kills the Batman but me!". He went to Lex and together they devised the plans for Trump. They found the four villains that they saw as "worthy" to run the oragization and gave it them. With their problem taken care of, Lex and Joker went back to their own work and let the four Aces run Trump.

Trump's organization follows a standard deck of playing cards, with each member being assigned a card. The number of the card that each is assigned designates his or her rank. The four Aces are each in charge of the members of their own suit, as well as their own facility.

Trump is a Legion comprised of original characters made specifically for the DC Universe Online game. Our goal is to be a place where members can meet other players to play DCUO and Roleplay with, as well as be a top tier PvP League. Trump is a PC exclusive League and is looking for members that will be dedicated with fun and open personalities.


Ace of Spades - Shinigami "Death's Blade"
King of Diamonds - Thunderbringer "The Battery"
Jack of Spades - Calico Jack "One-Eyed Jack"

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